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Primary Photographer

Ideal for a professional grade photographer looking to take on more projects via assignment work. Enjoy timely payments, and working with some of the west coasts best photographers and videographers on a variety of awesome projects.
Photography Styles
San Diego, CA and surrounding areas. 
Los Angeles, CA and surrounding areas.
San Francisco Bay Area and surrounding areas.
Sacramento, CA and surrounding areas.
Central Valley, CA and surrounding areas.
Seattle, WA, and surrounding areas.
Some out of state / long-distance travel may be available. 
Varies per month depending on bookings.
None at this time.
Qualifications & Skills
Capable of producing professional-grade photography
Portfolio of at least 8 different projects including 2 weddings
Positive attitude
Minimum 2 years of photography experience
Excellent communication skills
Ability to work independently
Ability to travel to on-location shoots
Passion for photography
Professional-grade equipment
Exceptional customer service mentality and skills
Artistic intelligence
Technical intelligence
Emotional intelligence
Sense of humor
Bonus Qualifications
Multicultural experience
Multilingual fluency
Advanced portable lighting
Job Description
Work with Aiya photography to expand our photography business. Perform a variety of photography projects including weddings, engagement shoots, modeling shoots, family commercial and product. Work as either a primary or second photographer as needed. Set appointments with clients, follow-up when needed and deliver presentations/consultations. Maintain and nurture relationships with existing clients. Generate agreements and obtain relevant authorizations for photography. Follow Aiya Photography’s' policies and procedures. Assist in marketing campaigns and initiatives. Maintain minimum acceptable standards. Understand what it takes to create exceptional photography and how Aiya Photography is different. Instruct, guide and mentor secondary photographers during events. 
Project expectations

Plan and coordinate all shot needs

Professional-level understanding of the depth of field, bokeh, framing, composition, etc

Mastery of manual camera controls

Capture a minimum number of photographs

Use of camera lighting where applicable

Equipment needed

FX Camera

Backup FX camera
Speed lights

24-70mm 2.8 lens

70-200mm 2.8 lens

50mm 1.8 lens

Other fast aperture lenses

Professional grade portrait lens

Equipment for off-camera lighting (OCF)

Ideally looking for Sony shooter but will consider other platforms

Requirements (does not apply to CA)
Business license
Liability insurance

Other information
Own transport to arrive at events
18 years or older
Must be legally permitted to work in the US
Background and reference checks required.
Must be able to lift heavy lighting and equipment (up to 50 lbs)
Weekend availability
$50.22 - $60.07 per hour
W2 position  
You are not required to exclusively work for us
All other states
1099 position. $25 to $75 per hour. Travel expenses covered. 
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