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About us

How we got here

It began with a small family wedding. I was an amateur photographer and my gift to the bride and groom was photography. The pictures ended up being really well received by the people around me. A friend asked me to shoot their wedding, I had no idea what I was doing but the answer was yes. Things snowballed from there as word spread. My wife jumped in too and and after getting a lot of love from our clients we decided to go legit and started a company. Life was changing fast, not only did I begin the journey to pursue something I was passionate about, but my wife became pregnant with our first child. Our daughter Aiya and Aiya photography were both born in 2009. 


Today I am lucky enough to have met so many amazing people that I am proud to call our clients and friends. There is an amazing team that makes up Aiya Photography and together we get to creatively document love. In other words, we have the coolest job ever. 


Aamir Khan

Founder, Photographer


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